Middle fold labels (3 color max.)

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Now you can buy high quality and definition labels with your own design, with a maximum of 3 colors, cut and folded in the middle, with 3 different sizes, directly from our online store.


This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 100 quantity for this product.


Now you can buy high quality and definition labels with your own design, with a maximum of 3 colors, cut and folded in the middle, with 3 different sizes, directly from our online store.

We have defined a fix price for all 3 sizes, and the only difference in price depends iin the numbers of colors you choose (2 or 3).

There are also big volume discounts. Below you can see a table with all the info.

If you want other sizes or more color, send us your design and dimensions and we will provide you an accurate price.



This kind of fold is used normally when it is necessary to have information on both sides os the label, both the same or different. (Example: front with logo and back with washing symbols).

They can be used for clothing or any other application, like furniture, luggage, etc.

Below you can find useful information and recommendations regarding the design of your labels:


woven labels

woven label

woven label

Woven label


Why do we only offer max. 3 colors on our online shop?

The price of a label is related with the quantity of colors used, and its extension on the design.

To ease the purchasing process, we have reduced the quantity of colors available for designing the label, to dismiss the influence of the size or design on the final price.

Of course, we can also manufacture labels with other dimenssions, with a total of 8 colors. But to be able to give an accurate price, we need to study the design in advance. That is why, if this solution doesnt fit your needs, we ask you to get in contact with us.




1. Attach, in the section below, a file with your design of both sides of your label (GIF, JPEG, PNG, up to 2MB). Specify, in both sides, where the fold is located, to be able to determine the correct orientation. Remember to leave a sawing margin if needed. We recommend you to download our template to help you design your labels.


2. Explain us, in the box below, any doubt, inquiry or explanation you consider important about the design or the label. In case of doubt, we wont start production until it is solved. To speed up the process, we recommend you to give us a phone number where we can reach you. Even it is not mandatory, if possible, specify the Pantone colors you want. We have more than 300 colors and we will try to match it as close as we can.

If you want different labels with the same design, where only changes the size (S, L, XL, etc), or the color combination, select the total quantity during purchasing, and specify in the comments how many units you want from each model. These small changes wont have extra cost, and will be considered as just one label design.


3. Press the SAVE button to save your file and comments.

4. Select the size of the label you want, the number of colors and the quantity.


5. Press the ADD TO CART button, and continue with the purchasing process.


If you need more information about lables or the purchasing process, dont hesitate to contact us.

The delivery time is around 15 working days.

Volume discounts

Quantity Price You Save
200 0,90 € Up to 140,50 €
500 0,39 € Up to 603,31 €
750 0,29 € Up to 979,34 €
1000 0,24 € Up to 1 355,37 €
1500 0,18 € Up to 2 132,23 €
2000 0,15 € Up to 2 909,09 €
3000 0,12 € Up to 4 438,02 €
4000 0,10 € Up to 5 983,47 €
5000 0,10 € Up to 7 520,66 €
7000 0,08 € Up to 10 644,63 €
10000 0,06 € Up to 15 371,90 €


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